Discovering Time

What are people saying?

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“Life can be hard. There are so many anecdotes around that narrative - and yes of course there is truth there. But through it all life can be fun, it can be entertaining and inspiring. We often get caught up in the complexity of life, the stories go, that we forget to smell the roses. The reality is, even with our often-self-imposed drive to move ever forward we overlook all the times we did stop. Discovering Time is a collection of short stories that revel in those moments. The moments however small or large, that Richard stopped, saw the rose and took a big honking sniff.

Through these moments Richard provides a glimpse into a subculture that is equally new and ancient as he tells stories of people from around the world attracted and inspired by the beauty of time and the tools that track it. These stories are as varied as the time pieces that grace its pages but all draw from a common thread. Life is all about the moments and the people that you allow into your world.”

- Joseph Rasamny



About My Journey


I've been quietly working on this passion project for nearly two years in between a busy career, raising a little boy with my lovely wife, and spending time with friends and family. It's been a very long road.

Writing a book has always been on my bucket list, but I struggled for years to find a topic I was passionate enough to write about. Turns out, the topic was under my nose the entire time, but it took a while to truly understand it.

For those that don't know, I'm into mechanical watches. It's a hobby I've had since I was a kid, but only as an adult have I gotten more obsessed about it. Over the past four or five years, I've embraced a unique community of watch collectors that are located all over the world. Little did I know, the community would unlock doors and friendships I never could have imagined.

The book chronicles my adventures in such a way that pays homage to the collector community, but also bridges the gap to people that know nothing about watches at all.

Thank you all for the kind support.